Welcome, a selection of my work. Tom Glancz CPAG - EFIAP - BPE4 - PSA3*

Awarded EFIAP, 21/5/19 gained 25 international and 9 national minor awards. 380 international acceptances, 62 comps, 23 countries, 26/1/19 -Bronze Medal Colour BPE Bebington 2020, National Amateur Magazine featured "worry whats. NNPS Soc 2020 Winner Lorrie Borne Trophy. 2017/18 Winner total points for the years internal comps. Winner annual exhibition open DPI colour, Mobile phone PDI Winner comps 2017-18 - The Carlisle Trophy for Projected Colour. The Laurence Bourne Challenge Trophy theme action.  2nd "Best Uk Club" Scottish 83 Nat Comp - team member. 2015/16 and 2016/17 Winner mobile phone comp. 2012/13 Winner The Dorothy Garner Trophy Novice prints. 2011/12 Winner The Dorothy Garner Trophy Novice prints, The Hammond Challenge Cup Novice projected images. Winner NNPS 2020 Annual Comp Mono, Mobile, Landscape, click on the main image to see more. Winner 2021 Them Travel, Winner NNPS Peter Henson Trophy 2022 , NNPS Images included in the GB Cup 1st Place PDI open National Competition 2022 and 2024 . Images in the FIAP world cup 16th place. Past President of the Nottingham @ Notts Photographic Society 2020/21/22, BPE4 over 200 accepted images to achieve this.